Gardens And Their Maintenance

There are many such things in the nature that can be so wonderful and beautiful. They are the creations and it can be the responsibility of the people to save them and protect them carefully. Plants, flowers, animals, humans and all the external beauties that are available in nature should be protected so that people can have the pleasant and beautiful surroundings around them.
Now the world has been suffering from the serious problem like the global warming because if the negligence of the human beings. People are not caring for the plantations around them. In few days, all the big trees can be destroyed to make big buildings and townships but they are ignoring the fact that the plantations can only help for the rainfall and to produce adequate oxygen to the world.
In earlier days, children use to play under the shades of the trees and it can be very helpful to them as the trees can return the oxygen by taking the corban dioxide. But now people have to take their children to parks and gardens to play and to have fresh air in the evenings. It is very important to maintain these gardens with good facilities as they can help the people to get refreshed. Many small animals, birds and other tiny creatures live on the trees and in the parks.
These parks can be maintained with wonderful gardens and kids play areas along with the custom memorial stones laid in the particular places where the details have been mentioned about the inauguration of the park and the people who inaugurated is mentioned on the stone. The gardens include the small and big plants along with the peculiar variety plants that are not found in the home gardens regularly. There are some gardens in the world which have unique set of flowers that can be seen only in those gardens and not available anywhere.
Even in some gardens people can find the nurseries where all variety plants can be sold for the customers who visit the parks. There are many people who are interested in gardening and there are many green welfare organizations that have been working since years so to motivate the people in increasing the plantations around them. There are many major cities which have the best and well-designed gardens for the people to visit, check this quality plaques.
There should be some rules and regulations for the people who visit these parks. All the rules framed have to be displayed in the entrance of the parks and the custom memorial stones should be placed in the gardens so that the needed information can be displayed for the visitors. There should be sufficient manpower that can be able to provide the services in the gardens like water plants, giving manure and other pesticides to the plants etc.